ongoing project
workshops, maps, foto and video installation.

Horizon from gr. horizon, horizontos: from horos-end- border from latin cum-finis, togheter at the end.
The astronomical term indicates the mobile, dynamic line which separates the Earth from the air. In more general terms, it is used in philosophy to point out metaphorically to the limit where the indeterminate and the determinate, the infinity and the finite connect and, at the same time, separate, with a primary reference to space.
The horizon is a limit which, if you move the point of view, will move with it. It expresses the magic of synthesis.
In fact, at that very moment in which we designate a border, we open to infinity.

With the project Cartography of the Horizon I aim to integrate human and geographical landscapes, its resulting goal is the establishment of a borderscape, which become a representation of a new world, where identities cross the boundaries and create transnational spaces. Real locations meet with poetic and symbolic spaces, and look for connections between human beings and their environment.
Our landscape has changed, it is no longer the same, like in a new pangea it really can become a convivium, a territory where we can live together, meet and share. This is potentially a possibility for bringing into life different ways of being together, against the posture of being with borders. I believe that only in-between space we can collectively redefine the terms of identity and redesign our human and geographical landscape. My goal is to actively contribute to the creation of new representations of the borderscape, which will enable to imagine a future in which difference is the glue and not the disintegrating agent. It is the in-between space, the place I want to belong to and where I take position.
The project will expand with new landscapes that gradually will be summed to construct an imaginary cartography of our desired land and expanding the discourse on our history, rethinking together a New Human Pangea.