B O O K S and P U B L I C A T I O N Wild’ Flowers and Eden Works by Clemens Wild, Atelier Rohling, Bern.Bolo Edition. Moving landscape Participatory book, self publishing. ( wuming, Santiago Morilla, Planar, Alessia Bernardini, Yacine Benseddik. Anne Marie Creamer). produced by Progetto GAP, ass. Pepe Nero. Ulysses Artist book, self publishing. produced by Assab One and Fondazione Cariplo. Moving landscape, Mura, Sunset from Titikaka, Lucha, Dancing. Flip Books, self publishing * several catalogs of art, film, dance Festival (Public Art in south of Italy-Collective works, curated by Giusy Checcola and Ass. De Luca / The mobile city_ Museo della fotografia Contemporanea.