Io so che... … is a narrative project proposed to young school boys and girls at the Milan Zona 2 Middle Schools. The laboratory wanted to investigate the territory they live daily through the use of words, discussion and drawing. 200 drawings have been collected and become a diary and a chronicle of places, people and the beauties of the neighborhood. Kids were able to convey a nude and poetic image of their neighborhood through disillusioned eyes, sometimes mirroring family dynamics and social fears, often severe, always precise, creative and proactive. An intervention by Francesca Marconi e Alessia Bernardini Coordination by Tempo per l'Infanzia Cooperativa Sociale Supported by Consiglio di Zona 2 di Milano With the participation of Scuola Media del parco trotter, Scuola Media Venini, Ciresola, Istituto Marco Polo, c.a.g. Tarabella, c.a.g. Tempo per il Barrio.