2004 | 2006 Patricios, Argentina.

A community project of art, theater, cinema and cultural and sustainable tourism. Avecinarte project was generated from the will to create a space for artistic creation and community participation; art is thus at the service of peripheral communities, which discover new tools for social transformation through these languages. This event served to raise awareness and concretize new forms of cultural consumption and different ways for cultural tourism. Patricios is a small rural village stretching along a railway, 260 km far from the city of Buenos Aires, which reached a number of 5.000 inhabitants in the Fifties. The railway was its main source of income, a reason for pride, which inspired a sense of identity and belonging. The railway was nonetheless closed down in the mid Seventies: this lead to unemployment, and many of its inhabitants left the town, with families separating, and young people emigrating and seeking for a job elsewhere. Patricios entered a lethargic phase. Currently, only 700 inhabitants are left. This story is very similar to the destiny of many thousand others in the province of Buenos Aires, and which are located along the railway line of the train that at the beginning of the 20th Century delineated the geography of Argentina. As this is a representative case for the slow socio-economic degrade, similar to that happening in many other places, it serves at the same time as an example for the active construction of community participation and its socio-economic rebirth, where the valorization of the human and cultural value develops in parallel with production activities.

With the support of: Associazione Comunitaria Patricios Unido de pie’, Cine de Vecinos de Saladillo, Gruppo Catalina Sur, Circuito Culturale di Barracas, Circo Social del Sur, Arte Scenica, gruppo Teatro Comunitario 9 de Julio.
Supported by: Ministero della Cultura de la Nacion, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
* Project recognized the cultural interest by the Government of la Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

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