I have been developing personal projects dealing with the experimentation and cross-contamination of contemporary art languages, with a special focus on the dialogue between the social and geographical borderlands, for more than twenty years.

This research has shaped me as a nomadic, somehow stateless soul, by confronting myself with artists, children, adults, foreigners, women, disadvantaged, residents of a community, slums, public dormitories, prisons, neighborhoods, through the modality of the laboratory.
With them and through them, I have been confronting with the process of experience, praxis, interpenetrating different researches and experimental spheres with hybrid languages. My starting point is the encounter between real locations and poetic and symbolic spaces, giving Art a sensitive and political role that reveals and re-imagines different views and new possible relationships with the land we belong.
This is my notion of landscape: a symbolic one, which looks for connections between the human being and his environ- ment, where Art and social encounters become moments to gather, discuss and reconsider today’s contemporary world, its humanity and collectivity, discovering new point of views and new ways of living.

Francesca Marconi ( aka Tutamondo, aka Almescabre)