I'm an artist and more than twenty years using contemporary art languages for developing personal projects through a participatory methodology, a permanent and traveling site of photography, drawing, reflections, maps and suggestions. I collaborate with many associations, foundations, galleries, school creating art projects for social transformation and community, and educational art workshops; I have wide experience of work with children, teenagers and young adults and every time the project was specifically aimed at their needs. All the young people I have been working with for more than 10 years are from different social backgrounds and communities, moreover they have often been foreigners. I also created workshop and training for teachers, museum professional. I'm faced with a poetic and artistic investigation and a strong relationship to the social. I tried sharing and discovery, and my work needed the other to be born and realized. I have always conceived the work as a container that was born as an urgency and was built through relationships, listening, recording, chasing a red thread, only to then understand it, get experience and then shaped. This research has made me nomadic stateless wiser, modalities that have allowed me to confront are the "laboratory", with children, adults, foreigners, women, disadvantaged, guests of the public dormitories, residents of a community, slum, neighborhood. With them and through them, I am confronted by a passage of experience with the contemporary art’s lenguages, game set, body, dance, autobiography. Work on the concept of memory as an archive visual and emocional small pieces of life, apparently at random on streets we live, but all linked by a search upwards, towards those daily acts broken by moments that we could set closer to the sky, telling us of our desires and make them already 'lives. They are small gestures, small fires that collect, to make them or rediscover profane and sacred prayers. This is an archive with the sum of its value, memory, ties that you can tighten. Seeking the symbol, syn ballein, what leads connection, between me and the other, between me and the world.