2011 | 2015 from Lecce to Santa Maria di Leuca.

G.A.P is an extended local workshop for the experimentation and
cross-contamination of contemporary art languages in dialogue with the social and geographical borderlands.
A group of dreamers, artists, architects, farmers, prisoners comes together, interpenetrating different researches and experimental spheres and hybrid languages, giving support and solidarity to each other.
Real locations meet poetic and symbolic spaces, tracing realities in the extreme southern landscapes of the Salento area; from the seacoast to the town of Lecce, through interstitial, void spaces.
This is our concept of landscape, a symbolic landscape looking for connections between human beings and its environment, where Art and social encounters become moments to gather, discuss and reconsider today’s contemporary world, its humanity and collectivity, discovering new point of views and new ways of living.

From Lecce to Santa Maria di Leuca, four associations are interacting with remote areas to increase the sense of community and belonging through artistic process.

The GAP PROJECT is realized with the support of Fondazione con il sud, Special and Innovative Projects 2010 and with the contribution of Regione Puglia.

Images: GAP/ TERRE ESTREME, Alessandro Carboni, Andreco, Luca Colite / CREATURE DEI PADULI , Dem / MOVING LANDSCAPE, Santiago Morilla / GIARDINO RADICALE
Photo: Yacine Benseddkk