internazionale corazon * 2 dress, video-installation, photographic prints on tissue and silver paper. Since 2018, internazionale corazon addresses themes concerning cultural contamination and the encounter between urban communities, imagining processes and opportunities for cohabitation through artistic practices and rituals. I realized two sculptural dresses in Bolivia. These were modelled on the traditional ones of the ‘Caporales dances’ which I embroidered with symbols, colours and recurring expressions intrinsic of the district of Via Padova, such as fire and the words “Via Padova state of mind” or “kebab”, collected during the workshop developed with the Caravaggio Art School and a group of young dancers Sambos de Corazon. The cloths become a medium to affirm the centrality of the encounter between different cultures in the construction of the city in its practices and meanings: a relationship that is established in the physical dimension of the bodies, real platforms and places of exchange and dissemination of knowledge through movement and performativity. The project is made with the collaboration of Carlo Venegoni and Elena Dragonetti With the support of Association Cure, Super il Festival delle Periferie within the program “Lacittàintorno” of Fondazione Cariplo, Liceo Artistico Caravaggio and Centro cultural de arte Martadero, Cochabamba, Bolivia. tailors and embroiderers: José Luis Calsina Machaca, Claudia Calsina Machaca Composer: Luigi Suardi dancers: Sambos de Corazon bloque Italia: Micki Kenji Hinojosa Cutipa, Patricia Cecilia Escajadillo Otero, Sambos Bloque Tunari-Cochabamba: Nelly Ortiiz, Abel Delgado; Daniela Audisio, Alexander Ben Dieb, Rabii Brahim, Rebecca Comite, Giancarlo Gagukas, John Limet, Daniela Paris, Sumon Sheikh, Barbara Stimoli, Flora Vannini, Ronaldo Henry Vargas Chavez, Veronica Alvaro, Betzy Bueno Ticona, Anna Barras, Malena Rodriguez Garcia, collettivo cola cola (Chile), Titta Cosetta Raccagni, Andra ponta, Lorenzo Conti, Sunday Thompson, Adrielly Do Santos. DJ Sonia Garcia Thanks to: Alessia Bernardini, Yacine Benseddik, Monica Sgro. Exhibition: Giardini della Triennale, Giardini Mosso, Spazio OnOff, Legnaia Taiani, Tipografia Paolo Nava; Trame dal Mondo-Via Farini, Fabbrica del Vapore; Città mondo Peru'- Mudec. corazon_la paz_v3.jpg corazon_barbara_v3.jpg
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